Incorta Analytics Version 4.0 Release Notes

The following table includes a list of the features and main fixes in version 4.0. 


Incorta Analytics 4.0 includes a major overhaul to the installation architecture and the web UI. For information about migration from a prior release, click here. These changes caused few changes in the file directory structure and the script used in different areas. Learn more

Area Feature/Enhancement
Installation Incorta Analytics 4.0 changes Incorta's installation, separating the loading from the query processing services. Users now have the option to install these services on separate nodes to provide a more scalable architecture. As a result, this allows for query processing while data loading is in progress, minimizing dashboards downtime.
New UI Incorta Analytics now includes a new revamped UI, featuring major feature improvements with enhanced user experience.
Security This release includes enhanced metadata password security protection.
TMT Access the (TMT) Tenant Management Tool from its new location in the "<INSTALLATION_PATH>/cmc" directory. As of this release, a new parameter must be passed in any TMT command, specifying the cluster name for that tenant (e.g. ./tmt.sh -clnm <CLUSTER_NAME> --list).
If you are using Kafka, note that the TMT property "kafka.consumer.node.name", used for the loader service intended to act as the sole Kafka consumer, is now changed to "kafka.consumer.service.name".
Data Sources Incorta Analytics now supports  Windows authentication for SQL Servers, by adding SQL Server (jTDS) as a data source (in addition to the existing SQL Server connector).
Schemas Get detailed information about any rejected rows during a schema load. Simply click on the number of rejected rows from the load status page (accessed from the schema definition page), to download a CSV file, containing the error(s) that caused the rejection.
Easily navigate through your schemas, with a default display value of 500 schemas/page. Got more schemas? Click on the "Show more" thumbnail to view more schemas.
Materialized Views Create Materialized Views and self-reference them without having to load them first. In prior versions, the materialized view had to be loaded prior to self-referencing it.
Get detailed error messages in the MV data source window, if there is a mismatch between the column names/data types in the script within the "Incremental Script" field and that in the "Script" field (i.e. full-load script).
Dashboards & Insights Use Apple Maps for your Map visualizations. Integrate Incorta Analytics with Apple Maps, by providing the Apple Maps key in the Admin UI, then choose either "address" or "latitude or longitude" from a dimension's drop-down menu of any Map visualization.
Analyzer Incorta Analytics 4.0 now offers Analyze users the option to maximize the dimension/measure field and easily view all the added columns at once in an expandable window.
Known Issues This release supports manual SSL configuration, due to major changes in the folders structure and files names and locations in the installation folder. Automatic SSL configuration will be added to a future release.
There is a known issue in the schemas area causing a history conflict when deleting a schema having a load history. To resolve this issue, delete the load history for all deleted schema(s).
The Zookeeper URL is not editable in the CMC (Cluster Management Console) in typical installations for local environments.
There is a known issue resulting in overlapping the values of the x-axis, when enabling the "Logarithmic" property from the Analyzer's settings menu.
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Product Announcement

Incorta 4.9 is now Generally Available (GA)!!!