How to Embed incorta in a webpage using iframe tag

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  • 1.   Add the following to the JAVA_OPTS variable in the service start script


    For incorta v3:

    The start script is named start.sh and it exists in the following path


    For incorta v4:

    The start script is named startService.sh and exists in the following path





    2.   Restart the service

    For incorta v3: run stop.sh and then run start.sh.

    For incorta v4: Use the CMC to restart the Analytics Service


    3.   Add an iFrame to the HTML page you wish to embed the incorta dashboard. 

    The iframe should be in this format

    <iframe src="http://<HOST>:<PORT>/incorta/#/dashboard/<DASHBOARD_ID>" style="height:100vh;width:100%" ></iframe>

    You can get the DASHBOARD_ID from the URL as




    Note: once the embedded dashboard loads you will need to login. If using incorta authentication, it is recommended to create a user with view only permissions specific to this dashboard.

  • Thanks Motaz for the detailed explanation on iframe. We created an iframe, but facing following issues

    1. When we open the iframe and login in it is taking to the folder rather directly to the dashboard

    2. When it opens the dashboard, we observe that we can navigate to anywhere in incorta tenant rather restricting to display only the dashboard with the data. Can you help us provide references or examples of how we can restrict the iframe to display only the dashboard with content and not go anywhere else.

  • Hi,

    In the iframe URL we would like to pass a parameter (like site id =11122) to Incorta  so that it filters data on the Incorta report. 

    Caller is a digital hub application and it has to pass the login user site id to Incorta to filter data.

    How do I do it in the Iframe URL calling ?




    Venkat Valluri   

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