Where are the Incorta Logs and what can I find there?

What are some of the locations that Incorta logs information to and, for each log file, what kind of information can be found there?

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  • First up, the Tomcat logs can be found in IncortaAnalytics/server/logs:

    catalina.out - General all-purpose Tomcat logging.  Information related to exceptions thrown by the engine during dashboard or insight loading can be found here.  In addition, joins with zero matching rows, errors thrown from the SQL Interface and problems evaluating session variables can be found here.

    localhost_access_log.* - This tracks all completed requests to Tomcat web services and front-end (pages, image loads, JS files, etc.), whether successful (200) or not (404, 500, etc.).  This does not include requests to the engine.

    Can be safely ignored or are usually empty:




  • IncortaAnalytics/server/incorta/incorta.yyyy-MM-dd.log - Very granular logging mostly related to authentication and SQL interface requests.

    IncortaAnalytics/server/incorta/<TENANT_NAME>/incorta.*.log - information and exceptions related to tenant startup, join creation data source creation, file upload and data loading.

  • IncortaAnalytics/tenants/company/data/audit.csv - Used to back the Incorta Audit dashboards, tracks every request made to Incorta server and measures response time and other metadata.

  • This question is relative to Incorta v3. Please reference the following for v4 changes: https://community.incorta.com/t/36bkcl/copy-of-file-directory-structure-and-script-changes-in-release-4-0

  • For Incorta 4.x:

    1. Get the GUIDs for the service you need to view the log:

    Run Command ./listServices.sh

    2. Get the requested logs from service:

    • Tenant Logs


    • Tomcat Catalina Logs


    • Incorta Logs



    For Incorta 3.x:

    • Incorta Log:

    • Tenant Log: 

    • Tomcat Catalina Log:

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