Budget vs Actual Analysis

Budget versus Actuals (BVA) analysis is a common process used to evaluate business performance by identifying operational entities such as product category, cost center etc that are performing differently than expected. In many cases budget data is tracked and stored at a different grain than the actual transactional data. This makes it difficult to compare budget to actual, as you can’t directly join the two data sets

For example, consider the following use case

  • There are two data sources as shown below. Oracle has actual sales transaction data and SFDC has sales forecast data

  • The requirement is to be able to do Actual vs Target Revenue analysis using Date and Product Category dimensions

  • The data in Oracle and SFDC is at different grain. In SFDC the forecast data is at product category and month level while in Oracle the transactions are at product and date level. So we can’t simply union the sales and forecast data

  • The Category ID is system generated column so it can’t be used to join across Oracle and SFDC


Recommended solution

  1. Identify the common dimensions / columns between the two data sources. In this case Product_Category.Category_Name

  2. Create a new table called Product_Category_Common in Incorta with distinct list of Category_Name values. This can be Incorta table  or a MV if needed.

  3. Join Oracle.Product_Category and SFDC.Product_Category table to Product_Category_Common using Category_Name


  1. You can now create an insight to compare actuals to budget using an aggregated table or similar visualization


Created by:  Mohit Saggi

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