daysBetween function returning wrong value for me.

Hi, I have a requirement where I need to create a report to calculate a total sales by Brand/Product for 30days/60days/90days. 

I am trying to create a custom column for 30days/60days/90days calculation. So prior I want to find the difference between the sales order date  using function daysBetween($currentDate,timestamp("2019-04-20")) but I am not getting the appropriate result.

Can some one help me with the steps to achieve this. 

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  • Praveen,

    Can you please use date function instead of timestamp in your formula.  Something like : daysBetween($currentDate, date('2019-04-20'))

    daysBetween expects both variables of type Date, not timestamp.

    • Hichem Sellami  Thank you for the reply. Yes you are correct yesterday I have tried with date and it was working as expected.



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