Handle Employee Leave - Delete User and Transfer the ownership

When an employee leave the company or transfer from one role to another, how can we handle the object ownership from Incorta.

Incorta provide the object ownership transfer process by initiating the Delete User process flow.  This task can be done by an admin with User Management role.

1. Login with admin user

2. Go to Security page


3. Select the user you would like to transfer his or her objects.


4. Click on Delete, and Select the option to transfer the owner to a desired user



5. Optionally, check Transfer Sharing Permissions if you want to transfer the objects that are shared with the former employee to the desired user



6. After you transfer ownership of all objects, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.  If you would like to keep the user, click on cancel.


Please note that after transferring the objects to the desired user, the dashboard objects may be shown under the root and if the user has already have a different sets of the dashboards or folders, you may see duplicated objects.



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  • Hello,

    Are there any API's currently available to perform this operation ?  If not, any plans to have an API available that can perform these operations with different options (i.e. single user/ list of users, transfer/delete, <transfer to user name>)? 

    Sometimes when we have to remove several users,  it's lot of manual clicks that we need to go through to complete the operation.   Having an API will be very helpful to get this completed quickly.      

    • SenthilKumar Sivakumar I am not aware if any delete user API or the API for transferring the object ownership.  Please go through the support and describe your requirements so we can track the enhancement.  

      The directory sync, however, does remove the group membership from Incorta for those users that are not shown in a directory sync from the source.  

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