Materialized views

How to create Materialized views in Incorta

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  • Hi Anil Kumar Katari please review this post and see if that helps get you started: https://community.incorta.com/t/x1jhfc/creating-materialized-view-using-pyspark

  • Dustin Basil , thanks for the info, but i am using incorta cloud appication, what are the requirements for Creating MV's, I mean what are the components i need to use to create mv. I have a sample Query here, how do i create mv and create a report in incorta. Please check the attached file.

    • Anil Kumar Katari You need Spark enabled for your Incorta cloud application. Once that is done, you can create an MV in the Incorta application UI within a Schema that you have defined. Note that the SQL query you have here will need to be modified to query the Incorta tables you have already extracted e.g. SELECT col1 FROM Schema.Table. 

  • How can i know whether my Incorta is Spark enabled or not, any focus point to identify

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      Anil Kumar Katari You can enable Spark from CMC tenant configuration by entering the spark master URI.  Under <incorta home>/IncortaNode in the server, run ./startSpark.sh to start spark master and spark worker processes.

      To create a MV, from the schema, add a object and select Materailzied View.  The simplest way to to use SQL.

      MV is a derived object that use the data are already extracted into Incorta as the source.  The from clause of the SQL will refer to these extracted data using <Schema Name>.<Table Name>.  

      Hope this help.

    • Dylan 

      Hi thanks for your advice, In the Editor mode how we can write the MV, can u plz show me some example with the steps in how to create MV's.

  • Hi, Anil Kumar Katari 

    Here is a screenshot. Hope it can help you.

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