How to do a right outer join?

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  • In Incorta, right outer joins are available at the level of an insight.  You don't need to create a separate join between two tables to get a right outer join.  All our joins are left outer by default, meaning if you have Sales ---> Customer, we will show all sales records, even those where the customer_id is null.  If you want to show customers without sales records, you can just create an insight TotalSales by CustomerName for example, and then click in the field CustomerName in the Group by list, you will get a new button that says 'Show Empty Group'.  If you turn on this button, Incorta will add the list of customers without Sales records.  I am adding a screen shot below to show this.

    Notice that if you have multiple dimensions in the group by list, and you need to show values of these dimensions even if they don't have corresponding Sales records, you need to enable the Show Empty group button to each one of them separately.

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    • Hichem Sellami Thank you.

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