Pivot using Custom Column is stuck "Loading"

Hello, I have a question about how to create a pivot using a custom column.  I successfully created a new column in an Insight using CASE (Contains).  The tabular report completes in seconds with the custom column.  When creating a Pivot using the custom column the Pivot get stuck while "Loading", see attached screen print for example.  This issue occurs when the custom column is added in either the Insight or Business schema.  Please let me know how to create a pivot using custom columns,

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  • Patrick, this may have nothing to do with the Pivot insight.  You seem to have quite a few fields specified on your row and column shelfs for your pivot table.  For each additional field that is added to one of these two shelves, you're asking the analytics service to calculate the metrics for even that many more "buckets".  It grows exponentially with the more you add.  I would suggest simplifying the number of attributes in the row and column shelves and see if you get the pivot to return at all.  If you can pare it down first and get it to render successfully, we can layer the others back in and see where the hang up may be.  We can help you tune for performance thereafter.  If it doesn't render at all, we should contact support to address root cause. 

    • Dan Brock Good afternoon Dan, I tried simplifying the pivot and was unable to get it to render when using a custom column.  On the attachment the pivot completed without the "Custom Grouping" column.   After adding "Custom Grouping" the pivot stayed in "Loading" status for over 30 minutes.  Afterwards my session expired.  Please let me know next steps to contact support to further troubleshoot.  Thank you for your help.

    • Patrick Ackley Hmmm. That is mysterious. Please create an account at support.incorta.com and then create a support ticket.

  • Hi  Patrick Ackley , did you try it with just the "Custom Grouping" column only in the row shelf?  I am curious if this is an issue with the formula column itself or if it is performance issue based on the granularity of your data.  

    Regardless, please open a ticket with support.incorta.com and reference this community post.

  • Hi Dan,

    Patrick and I tried tried placing the "Custom Grouping"  column only in rows shelf, we still see the loading issue.




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