how to show total

I have a data as below, I need to show a max of all numbers throughout all the columns, 

how can I achieve this incorta 


Teams score  total
Team 1 30 90
Team 2 36 90
Team 3 42 90
Team 4 48 90
Team 5 54 90
Team 6 60 90
Team 7 66 90
Team 8 72 90
Team 9 78 90
Team 10 84 90
Team 11 90 90
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  • We can do this in 4.2 using the level based metrics, please refer to https://community.incorta.com/t/m2w349/level-based-measures

  • In addition to Amit's reference to the community post, here is a quick screenshot of how to achieve it. Create an aggregate table in Incorta and add a new formula max score = MAX(schema.table.score,groupBy())

  • Hi  thank you for your reply :

    the above one is a sample data, I have a requirement like this 

    I have a month start column, where I want to display the only max month of the data 

    Fisical Month Month Start data 
    Nov-17 11/1/2017 4267
    Dec-17 12/1/2017 3290
    Jan-18 1/1/2018 4762
    Feb-18 2/1/2018 5108
    Mar-18 3/1/2018 4883
    Apr-18 4/1/2018 4786
    May-18 5/1/2018 4710
    Jun-18 6/1/2018 4349
    Jul-18 7/1/2018 4103
    Aug-18 8/1/2018 4556
    Sep-18 9/1/2018 4649
    Oct-18 10/1/2018 4132
    Nov-18 11/1/2018 4064
    Dec-18 12/1/2018 3567

    but I want to display the max month data in the text box as:: "3567"  which is December month by default and it should change based on the filters 

    but I am unable to get this requirement : 

    I am getting an error as an invalid formula 
    I used the same as what you have suggested but max is displaying somewhere in between 

    formula i used : if(test.Month_Start=max(test.Month_Start,groupBy()),sum(data),0)

    Fisical Month Month Start Max month if(test.Month_Start=max(test.Month_Start,groupBy()),sum(data),0) data 
    Nov-17 11/1/2017   INVALID FORMULA 4267.00
    Dec-17 12/1/2017   INVALID FORMULA 3290.00
    Jan-18 1/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 4762.00
    Feb-18 2/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 5108.00
    Mar-18 3/1/2018 12/1/2018 INVALID FORMULA 4883.00
    Apr-18 4/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 4786.00
    May-18 5/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 4710.00
    Jun-18 6/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 4349.00
    Jul-18 7/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 4103.00
    Aug-18 8/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 4556.00
    Sep-18 9/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 4649.00
    Oct-18 10/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 4132.00
    Nov-18 11/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 4064.00
    Dec-18 12/1/2018   INVALID FORMULA 3567.00
  • Ashwin Warrier Amit Kothari  could you please help me with the above scenario.. We have almost 50 metrics with the above problem.. No idea how we can achieve this... In Qlik it is much easier for me to do.. In incorta no idea 

    How we can show max month data based on selections  dynamically.. 

  • venkatRao - Hi Venkat, we have a planned feature on our near-term roadmap which will support this ask. In the interim, there are a few other ways that this can be modeled in Incorta - i.e. Incorta table. I believe you are meeting with Anurag Malik  this week. He can show you the alternate approach.

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  • venkatRao Can you please let me know if your issue was resolved? I have similar problem for my dashboard. I am using CASE. It probably is same as IF. And I believe level based measures is not giving me required results.

  • Hi

    I just tried in this way .

    create a schema and add table to it.

    create a formula column at table level in schema


    now explore data by table insight and sort all the data by dragging the above derived_col (desc or asc as per the need)

    restrict the page size to 1 in settings.


    note: we are able to drag the formula column to sort option in table insight only when we create that formula at table level in schema only.


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