Scheduling Schema Loads between times

Hi All,

We are doing some daily loads, which are working ok, but we have some data sources that we want to run multiple times a day, but only between certain hours. Is there some way to do this as the UI does not seem to support this.



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  • I will probably schedule multiple daily jobs and put those scheduled jobs between those hours.

    • Dylan Hi Dylan. Thanks for the response.

      I suppose we could do that, but we would end up with a lot of schedules if we wanted to do multiple schemas. So I am guessing that this would be an enhancement request if we wanted this feature.


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    • Martin Carnegie   Best is to use a shell script which uses the CLI api to invoke the load and use a cron job to run those scripts.  incorta.py script used below is in the <incorta home>/IncortaNode/bin folder.

      #Runs an incremental load for the designated schema.

      #If you want full use load_schema below instead of load_schema_incremental

      session=`python <incorta home>/IncortaNode/bin/incorta.py login http://<IP_Address>:<Port Number>/incorta <tenant_name> <user_name> <password> false`

      python <incorta home>/IncortaNode/bin/incorta.py load_schema_incremental $session <schema1> <schema2>

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    • Amit Kothari 

      We had thought of doing that, but were hoping for an easy way to enable it from the UI as most of the people do not have access to the OS to do this.

      Thanks for the suggestion.


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