How to link insights from different sources using a common filter?

Hello, I'm trying to link insights together so they filter on the same key, but the insights have different sources.  For example: one insight is based off a business schema with a few select fields with a key called 'Asset ID'.   

I have another insight that shows all the data from the base table for that Business Schema, but when I click on an Asset ID in the first insight it does not filter the 2nd insight because it's from a different source.  

I have to manually search for the ID using the filters, and that works as the Asset ID is defined as a grouping dimension.

Is there a way to tell Incorta to apply the filter from one Insight to another if the sources are different?  I tried naming everything the same, but it didn't work.


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  • Hi Mike,

    We have plans in our roadmap to allow users to declare two (or more) dimension attributes as a common dimension and use them for a common filter, but that is not executed yet.  With the current release you are using, you can create a common dimension with only the distinct ASSET_IDs from both tables, and make it a common parent of both Asset dimensions from the two sources you have.  You can create this new table either as a multi source Incorta table, reading from both dimensions, or using an MV.  Then in the dashboard, you will expose the Asset_id field from the table for filtering.

    Hope this helps.

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  • I had a similar situation and solved it using a presentation variable and filters referencing that variable in the insights. 

    • Thank yo uMarc Paige for sharing this idea.  How did you populate the presentation variable? Did you build special table for it?

    • @Hichem Sellami, I use one of the source tables. Since the content of the two different sources are the same, the selection list is good for both. The filters use string comparisons which makes it work. 

    • Marc Paige Thank you.

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