Hidden subtotals

I want to display subtotals in an aggregate table. I'm getting a message "subtotal for <group1, group2> is hidden"

Why? And how do I unhide them? The measure I am using is a decimal formatted as percent and aggregation behavior is AVERAGE

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  • Hi R. A. Dawson Sr - the intent of this message is to alert you that while you have recently enabled subtotals by clicking on the subtotal toggle at the insight level, this does not currently apply to existing grouping dimensions "Regional Manager" and "Area Supervisor". It is disabled or hidden from the UI.

    To enable them, you can click on the individual pills in the grouping dimension tray and enable subtotal for one of both these grouping dimensions. Hope this helps.

  • Ah - it does indeed!  That's an odd combination of defaults, but I see the utility in being able to choose which level subtotals to be displayed.


    I've asked elsewhere but do you happen to know if/how to apply conditional formatting to them?  And the grand total?

    • R. A. Dawson Sr   Apologies  - I forgot to type "Thank you!" in that last reply!  I really do appreciate the community page and your responses!

  • Randy, we don't currently support conditional formatting with subtotals and grand totals. We will consider adding this capability in a future release.

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