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I've created an alert to only send me the report when certain criteria are met.  However I only want to see the rows of data that triggered the alert.  How would I accomplish this?  Right now the alert sends me the whole dashboard, and then I have to basically apply the filters that triggered the alert.  Really redundant in my opinion.  In the past, I just created multiple dashboards, but I'd rather not have a ton of dashboard to solve this problem.

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  • Have you tried to make this criteria into a Favorite and then send it?

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  • I might be misunderstanding, but to make it a favorite I would have to make it a new dashboard.  Right?  The data is the same, but what I want to do is slice the full data into only what is important to a particular person.  Then send it to only that person.  There about 8 to 15 people who will be receiving customized "slices", so I'd rather not have a lot of dashboards that I need to maintain.

    • Joe Rief you don’t have to create a new report. You take the current report, filter it to the criteria needed, save it as a favorite. Then schedule it, you should be good to go!

    • Joe Rief It sounds like you are after burst reports. I have heard that's in the works - in the meantime you may want to surf on over and give this an upvote: https://community.incorta.com/t/y72y88/dynamic-email-capabilities

  • joseph. delpercio thank you for the help.  Not sure if I created a "favorite" or not, but I did create a "bookmark".  Then I went to schedule delivery, and created a schedule that is only sending the required information based on the bookmark.  However now I'm getting the bookmarked report every day instead of only when there is data to report.  What I'm trying to get is a report emailed to me only when certain criteria is met, and only send me the information based on that criteria.

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