Rank a simple list

I have a simple aggregated list of <group>, <measure> to which I'd like to add a rank column.   I'm not seeing a way to rank the <group> items without a parent group existing in the report.

e.g.  Product Category, Product Subcategory, Product, Total Rev, Rank within subcategory   <<< works 

        Product, Total Rev, Rank within report  << How do I get this to work?


I've worked around this by inserting a formula column with a space (  " " ) and then using groupBy(" ") but that has the unfortunate side effect  of showing up as a column in the aggregate table.  


Can I rank a simple aggregated list without a defined and displayed parent grouping?

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  • Ah - as is so often the case as soon as I give up the ghost and publish a question I find the answer.


    Although the 'groupBy' *function* appears to be mandatory, it is not mandatory to actually pass a dimension parameter to it.


    From sample data: 



        groupBy(),   /* Wouldn't it be great to be able to comment about this empty () here?  */    








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