How to Connect to IBM Informix?

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  • IBM Informix datasources are not supported out-of-the-box, so a workaround is to define it as a custom datasource using IBM Informix JDBC driver.

    Applies to:

    Incorta 2.x and 3.x


    Download Informix JDBC driver. Driver Information:

    Required File(s): ifxjdbc.jar

    Java Driver Class: com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver

    URL: jdbc:informix-sqli://<host>:<port>/<database>:informixserver=<dbservername>

    Website: IBM


    Incorta Schema Wizard is not supporting importing from Informix. Schema wizard can list Informix objects, but the following error appears when trying to import selected objects.

    Table Error: Table [Sysams] has an error.
    INC_005004001: Failed retrieving columns from [columns] at [Informis_ds] due to [java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: A syntax error has occurred.] with properties jdbc:informix-sqli://localhost:9090/sysuser:informixserver=ol_informix1210


    Instead, the user is required to import objects and joins manually one by one.

    To use Informix with incorta you need to:

    1. Copy ifxjdbc.jar to $INCORTA_HOME/server/lib/
    2. Add a custom datasource as follows:
      • Data Source: Custom
      • Data Source Name: <a name of your choice>
      • Username: <informix user name>
      • Password: < Informix user password>
      • Connection Pool: 30 (default)
      • Driver Class: com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver
      • Connection String: 
      • jdbc:informix-sqli://<host>:<port>/<database>:informixserver=<dbservername> 
    3. On the “Schemas and Session Variables” explorer:
      • Select Schemas table
      • Click (+) -> Create Schema
      • Give it a name
      • On the Schema page, Click (+) -> Table -> SQL Database
      • On the Data Source Window, select the following:
        1. Data Source: Informix Data source name, e.g. Informix_DS
        2. Fetch Size: 5000 (default)
        3. Query: a SQL query to select a DB object, example:
          select * from sysauth; 
    4. Click Save 
    5. Import other tables and views as needed
    6. Define joins manually
  • You can download the Ifxjdbc.jar here: https://www.dbschema.com/informix-jdbc-driver.html

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