Enabling Incorta Audit Analytics

The Incorta platform captures information about how users are interacting with the platform and reporting off of this information can be very valuable.  This data is captured in an "Audit.csv" file and each tenant in your environment has its own audit.csv file. To help kickstart that reporting (BI Audit), you can leverage the schema & dashboard that come with the “Demo” tenant / content during installation.  If you did not install the Demo tenant with the sample data, you can still leverage this prepackaged content by following the steps below:

1) Log into Incorta (admin)

2) Download Attachments.  If you haven't already, download the 4 files attached to this article (3 zips and 1 csv file)

3) Ensure the Audit.csv file already exists:

  • Navigate to Data Sources -> Data Files in Incorta

4) Add the date_us.csv file to the Data Files. 

  • Click "+" button & select the date_us.csv you downloaded earlier
  • Hit "ok" and verify the file has been uploaded


5) Import the Audit physical schema

  • Navigate to Schemas in Incorta
  • Click the + button on the far right -> "Import Schemas"
  • Select the "1. Audit_Schema.zip" file downloaded in step 3 above & hit ok.  The new audit schema should exist like below. 


6) Load the Audit schema

  • Click on the "Audit" schema
  • Click on Load -> Full to kickoff a full load of this schema

7) Add "BIAudit" Business Schema

  • Navigate to Business Schema section in Incorta
  • Click "+" button -> "Import Schema(s)"
  • Select "2. BIAudit_BizSchema.zip" file previously downloaded
  • Hit "ok" & verify "BIAudit" business schema exists


8) Add "BIAudit" Dashboard

  • Navigate to Dashboard / Content section in Incorta
  • Click "+" button -> "Import Dashboard"
  • Select "3. BIAudit_Dashboard.zip" file previously downloaded
  • Hit "ok" & you'll now see an "Activity Monitor" folder.  
  • Click on this folder and you'll see the "BI Audit" dashboard

9) "Daily Audit Load" Scheduled Job 

A "Daily Audit Load" schema load job was deployed automatically with Step 5.  This job will automatically refresh the physical schema every hour by default.  You can disable this job or change the refresh time via the following steps:    

  • Navigate to the "Scheduler" section in Incorta
  • Click on "Schema Loads"
  • Click on the "Daily Audit Load" job to see its current configuration



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