Connecting Tableau Desktop to Incorta v3.x

Third party visual tools, like Tableau, can connect to Incorta's SQL interface using their native Postgres JDBC drivers.  Using these "live" connections, these visual tools can supercharge their dashboard's performance by querying directly against the Incorta Direct Data Mapping Platform.

The details below outline how to connect Tableau Desktop (v10.4) to Incorta (v3.1).

1) Open Tableau and choose to create a new PostgreSQL database.

2) From the dialog that appears, specify the following:

  • Server: <name or IP of the Incorta server>
  • Port: <Incorta SQL interface port, default=5436>
  • Database: <name of Incorta tenant, e.g. demo>
  • Authenticate: "Username and Password"
  • Username: <user name you use to login to Incorta via web browser>
  • Password: <password you use to login to Incorta via web browser>


3) After a successful connection has been established, a best practice is to drag over the "business schema view" defined in Incorta, rather than the physical tables.  While the physical tables can be used, the business schema views abstract away the complex join relationships that Tableau users don't need to be burdened with.  If you choose to bring in the physical tables, the joins in Tableau have to be setup the same way they're defined in Incorta.  The screenshot below show data being brought in from the business schema view "SalesWeather".  These fields are sourced from 10 different tables in Incorta.  Using the business schema view keeps me from having to redefine those complex table joins once again!


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  • We are seeing an issue on access when there is a datetime data type. The 1st query works but the second query of same condition fails unless we add a filter to change the condition. Is there a Cache being used and how to fix this issue?
    PSQLException: Unsupported binary encoding of timestamp.

    • Dave Williams 

      Appologies for the very late response, have the issue been fixed for you ? If not, please mention the Incorta version your're using and the PostgreSQL driver version and type (JDBC/ODBC ?)

  • Incorta SQL interface has a caching layer for repeated queries. The cache key is the query string, so, a query repeated twice with the same syntax will get you a cached result in the second run. Once you add a new condition or change the syntax in other ways, then it's considered a new query and won't hit the cache.

    There's an option to disable cache from the admin page (https://incorta-url/incorta/admin), you can disable caching using a toggle button (Enable Cache).

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