What does it mean when my insight says "The result set is too large and exceeds the max group limit."?

Some queries can create very large results that may impact the working memory of the server. This is the case for queries with multiple nested groups. To avoid the server running out of memory, Incorta limits the number of group nodes in the result set.

By default, each Incorta insight (aka. visualization) defaults "max groups" to 500,000.

Increasing this setting can be done quite easily, but please reference the following document to understand what a responsible setting should be based on data volumes and server memory.  Setting this parameter arbitrarily high can have a negative impact on Incorta server performance.

When developing an insight on a dashboard that has the potential for a lot of these group "buckets", a best practice is to encourage the end user to filter the data set down before encountering this insight.  As an example, starting the users at a summary level dashboard which then drills down to a detail level dashboard where the insight in question exists is a good practice.

If you're still receiving this message even after filtering down the result set, check the "query plan" for the insight to ensure that the tables are properly joining together.  If they aren't the filter employed may not actually be filtering the data.

For more details see this article.

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