Internal Server Error - Schema Status Is Not Complete

I'm getting this error message when opening the schema maintenance on a specific schema.  This schema was imported from another server.  On the original server, I receive no error, but on the imported one I receive this.  Any ideas?

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  • I went ahead and edited the schema by reentering the external query and saving.  That got rid of the message.  Not sure what the issue was.

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    • Joe Steinbrunner if you have the original schema export that displayed an error could you please share it with me or Support? Also, which version(s) of Incorta were involved?

    • Dustin Basil Version 4.5.3 on both servers.  I have the schema file exported.  Please let me know how to send.  Thanks.

    • For additional perspective, I can't get it to give me the error anymore when importing that schema.  I'm thinking there was some sort of disconnect / mis-match between the schema and the direct data mapping that got corrected when resetting the external query and reloading the data.

    • Joe Steinbrunner  I sent you a DM

  • Thank You for the response. We were getting the same issue. This solution would help us fix it temporarily.


  • This is mostly due to bad joins , we have a Inspector utility which helps you to identify these issues .

  • I am still having this issue. I've tried deleting the schema and then reimporting it. I've tried overwriting it. Sometimes it works, other times it does not.

    • Peter Conway -- please contact support if you're still having this issue.  That will be the fastest way to help you reach resolution as we will likely need to dig into specifics in order to help.


  • I am having the same issue which started after I tried to load an existing table. I was able to Remove that specific table but the schema status is now "Not completed " and I can not load any existing table or create a new one. Can someone help please.

    • Vishal Bondre the fastest way to resolve will be to create a ticket with Support at support.incorta.com. If you are not familiar with this process, please DM me and I'll help you get sorted.

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