Sorting by row total in a Pivot table

Hi - I've created a Pivot table, and need to retrieve the top 30 values:


Example layout


Location                             BOG        COP        DYS       KAM        KAR    MID    MOR    NAR    NEB        Total

Item & Description            Amt         Amt        Amt        Amt        Amt    Amt    Amt    Amt       Amt    

ABC1234                               0         2,278     264        223            0        971       826    0            173        4,734

ABC1235                               0        127                                                                                                                127

ABC1236                             70        1,401       240        77            77        271    194       31            8          2,369   


We need a way to sort the Total column in order top get the top 30 items. We tried adding a formula to the item level in order to sort by , however, no group by function when trying to use Sum.


Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.




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  • Hi Greg Chaseling  - great question! Here is my suggested solution:
    Step 1: Sort 'Item & Description' by 'Amt'. This sorting setting should be in the 'Item & Description' pill properties. Drag 'Amt' into the sort bar and set the order of the table to descending.
    Step 2: In the upper right corner of the analyzer is a cog for some insight configurations settings. Inside you will find a 'Max Rows Limit' that you can apply the limit of 30.

    • Joe Miller 

      Hi Joe,


      As this is a Pivot table - I tried as per your advice. Unfortunately the Total column still isn't sorting. Please see attached testing.

    • Greg Chaseling -  thanks for attaching the screenshots. Quick question: is 'ILPaid' the same as 'PI Amount'? 

  • Hi Greg, Streps mentioned above from Joe are shown in the attached video.

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  • Joe Miller - yes ILPAID = PI Amount

  • Greg Chaseling -I've tried to replicate on my end, but it is behaving as expected for my version. This sounds like an issue with the insight behavior and nothing you've done incorrectly. Could you file a support ticket at https://support.incorta.com/hc/en-us?

  • Joe Miller - thanks - will do

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