Lookup Function returns NULL in dashboard ( generated SQL works in MV )

I have a lookup function:









In my dashboard this returns NULL ( grouped column ).   If I snip the generated SQL and pop it into an MV it returns the correct row.   I did try hard-coding the input date instead of using the presentation variable but no luck there either.


Any ideas?   Or ideas on how to troubleshoot further?

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  • Hi R. A. Dawson Sr the first place I would check is the Analytics tenant log. If there's a technical issue the lookup is returning null, you will see it there (often it's just neglecting to have a key on the lookup column). Barring that, sounds like you are already on the path of narrowing it down by removing features (presentation variable). Next you might try the same with a query() function in a test session variable.

  • Thx - this is the SQL generated which returns the correct value in the MV...



                                (MIN(R.Incorta_PeriodWeek.PeriodWeekEndDate)) AS "min"




                                (R.Incorta_PeriodWeek.PeriodWeek = '2021P12W1')

  • Bah - first rule of anything to do with computers - turn it off and turn it on again ( or, in this case, bump the analytic services ).


    To be transparent ( and thankful Dustin Basil  ;-)  )  I also added a key to my Incorta table, but it didn't do anything until I bumped it. 


    On to the next thing!

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