Can an insight "ignore" a dashboard filter?

I have a dashboard w/ a lot of insights.   Nearly all of which I want to prompt-filter with a dashboard prompt for a reporting period.


I have an insight or two which I do *not* want filtered by reporting period.   Is there a way to unlink or disconnect a single insight from the overall dashboard filter?


Bonus - what I'd really like to do is filter that other insight *based* on the dashboard prompt, but using a calculated value ( e.g. if the prompt is DEC  I may want NOV, DEC ) 



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  • For this, I would likely not use a true dashboard filter at all. You are likely better off defining a presentation variable on the dashboard and individually filtering each insight at the level that you need. Some insights may ignore the value of this variable while others may simply filter a single field on a single value. Others may include some logic like you have defined in your initial question. 

    For instance, if you wanted to select "12 - December" as the value of a presentation variable at the dashboard level, maybe you would have a formula filter on the insight which showed both "12 - December" and "11 - November" based on some basic math on the leading month number.

    If you need more detail here, I would be happy to draft up a demo scenario and provide a quick video.

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  • With an offer like that ...   ;-)     Sure, I'd love a quick demo to help get me jump-started!   I'll add a quick question here - I see I can add an optional field in the presentation variable property, but I'm not sure how much that does - it doesn't look like it'll produce a picklist  for me ( bummer ).


    Thanks much in advance though !   

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