Dropbox connection troubleshoot question

Dropbox connections seem pretty straightforward - add the redirect URL(s) to the Dropbox app, and the key/secrets to the CMC integration settings...   so:


1) Is it really that simple?

2) The secret changes from 123thisisthekey to 321lookwhatitsdone==     after saving and restarting - is this a hash/masked value ( which seems kind of silly since the field has the magic eyeball to make it visible ) or is Incorta changing my secret when I restart the services?

3) Pending the answer to the above, if I have the key/secret configured and I still can't authorize, is it reasonable to assume I'm constructing the redirect URL incorrectly or is there another troubleshooting avenue to explore?


BTW:  This works as expected on the Incorta Cloud when I'm logged into dropbox, but I gather that circumvents the whole URL redirect, key/secret thing(?)



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  • Amended:  It *was* working just fine in the cloud when logged into dropbox.   Now I'm getting:  Invalid redirect_uri: "https://cloud.incorta.com/api/gdrive":   which is *really* odd, since I haven't configured a redirect URI w/ that value and I'm not trying to connect to Google Drive.  

  • This has now been identified as a bug by Incorta support.

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