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Hi All,

I am facing issue with Incorta table. When I create a Incorta table with added filters, say I see 2 rows, But after I load the table I see only 1 row. The data is changimg before and after the load of Incorta table. Why is the difference of data before and after loading Incorta Table appears. Do we have any setting for Incorta table.

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  • Hi,

    After you load the table, click on ""Last Load Status"" where another window will open.

    Then in next window, there is option called rejected rows.

    If you click on that, a CSV file will be downloaded there you can see the issue.

    See Screenshots.



    Pavan Kumar

  • Haripriya -- check the key on the table.  If the data has the same value for the key field, it could just be updating the same record twice, leaving only one row in the table.

    • Thanks Dan.  Also, if it is an insert, the records could be getting rejected due to duplicate key.

    • Mateen Mohammed Duplicate records get updated, not rejected, right?

    • Yes Dan , In the recent releases duplicates are being updated, but in the earlier versions we used to reject the subsequent duplicated keys.

  • Dan Brock  I haven't set any key to the Incorta table. This is not a table loaded from source. I have created Incorta table using option.

    Schema -> New -> Table -> Incorta. I am using a table inside this Incorta table. While I create Incorta table, we have can see the no.of rows its returning as it will look like an INSIGHT. So there say, if no. of rows are 2, but after loading the table, I am seeing only 1 row. No keys are set.

    • Haripriya can you share screen shots of what you're seeing?  And screenshots of how you're setting up your Incorta table?

  • Haripriya If you create a similar dashboard then do you see two rows or one row?

      • Haripriya
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      • Haripriya
      • 9 mths ago
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      Amit Kothari I see 2 rows if the same Incorta table is created as insight

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