Label Names for Rolling Months

I have a business view with columns that aggregate monthly usage. This is a rolling aggregation. For example, the column label "Current Month" is the current month (i.e. September). However, in a few days "Current Month" will change to October. Is there a way to display the column label in sync as the months change? Or is it only possible to just  manually update it every time a new month begins?

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  • I am afraid that the labels are all defined as part of the insight definition and cannot be changed dynamically.
    If you are using a session variable to show the rolling period, the value of session variable can be displayed in a data field insight.

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  • Thanks Dylan Wan - I had a feeling that was the case, but wanted to check.

    • Michelle Fox there may be a trick to do this. I have few question to see if we can use that trick.

      You have a column "Current Month" and then 12 other columns "Month 1" to "Month 12". 


      - "Month 1" to "Month 12" are for Jan  to Dec?

      - Is this report for Current Year where you filter data by Current Year?

  • I use session variables for currentMonthName and twoMonthAgoMonthName  for an insight that does this. The column names use these session variables to dynamically roll the names.

    For example, I have a column name that shows variance between last month and two months ago. The name is rendered using this string:

    %Variance ($$currentMonthName - $$twoMonthAgoMonthName)

    The session variable definition for the two months ago name uses this formula (although I suspect there are many ways to get this)

    name = twoMonthAgoMonthName
        Date_Time.Date.Month_End_date = addDays(
    name = currentMonthName
        Date_Time.Date.Month_Start_date = $currentMonthStart

    Formulas and filters in the insights use paired session variables to hold the dynamic dates as well. It can get a bit hard to read, but it works well. I have twoMonthsAgoEndDate, twoMonthsAgoStartDate and twoMonthsAgoMTD to match the twoMonthAgoMonthName. Likewise for currentMonthName.

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    • Marc Paige Good to hear that it works.  Thanks for sharing.

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