Limit for SQL statement size with Incremental Load?

I'm having a strange issue while configuring incremental loads on a table with a large number of fields (280). If I paste the SELECT statement that lists all of the fields individually with the double quotes around the field names as generated by the Customize SQL button from the Schema Wizard I am unable to select a field in the Incremental Timestamp Column: selection box.

If I remove the double quotes to effectively make the statement shorter then the fields show up as expected.

Now that I have that selected, I then paste the same query with a WHERE clause in the incremental query area and the selection disappears and I'm unable to select anything from the list.

If I just put SELECT * FROM ... WHERE ... in the incremental query, the selection comes back.

For reference, the length of the query is 3,309 characters.

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  • Ryan Sather thank you for reaching out. Which version of Incorta exhibits this problem?

  • Hi Ahmed Moawad . I first noticed it on 4.5.9 but I was never able to figure out why the selection would work sometimes but not others. We are now on version 4.6.

  • Ryan Sather

    Thanks for reaching out.

    I've tested myself with an oracle query (fields individually with the double quotes around the field names) which is approx 10000 characters long and it worked including the incremental query column selection. 

    I did it on 4.6 and are you saying it works sometimes and it doesn't?

    If it's okay for you, Can you please share the table definition of one or two tables for us to analyze it further.

    Attached my table script for reference. I have 500+ columns.

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