Incorta Analytics view has rows when authoring, loading zero

The title sums it up.  

I've created a derived table w/ Incorta Analyzer.  When I built it - and now when I edit it - it shows 900-some rows being displayed/returned.

When I *load* it it has zero rows - zero extracted and no rejected records. 

Where do I begin to troubleshoot this ( outside the obvious and forthcoming support ticket )?   

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  • Some hopefully obvious questions: 1) Since this is an Analyzer Table, Would you get results in a dashboard if you build the exact same query in a dashboard? 2) Is the Analyzer using any Session Variables, etc. that may not be resolving at load-time that might alter a filter being applied? 3) is the analyzer table referencing business views or even another analyzer table or are only schemas + tables being referenced?  Hoping to narrow it down a bit for you.

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    • Jeff Wilgus 


      1) Yep - I'll confess I didn't try that until now because it returned results in the authoring mode of creating the table, but yes, I can create an insight and return rows.

      2) No variables.

      3) It is being built from a single business schema.

  • So after bouncing services I now get rows returned ( huzzah! ) but am still getting the banner showing that I need to load the views which doesn't stop me from getting data, but is an annoyance which does not inspire confidence so I created a new schema,  recreated my IA derived tables, loaded 'em up, and then changed the references in the MV where they are being used.


    I did keep the original schema intact for support - if I get an answer from them I'll update here.   In the interim I'm going to mark this answered.  

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