Advanced Maps - Missing States / Provinces

I'm trying to create a sales territory map and am running into a few issues with the Advanced Map.

1. When I try to geo group by State abbreviation, many states do not appear

2. When I try to geo group by Full state name, there are still states that do not appear, however there are more populated than with State abbreviation.

3. I only see the option to use the Geo Group as a label on my map. I would like to use the Color Group label instead. Is this possible? 


see #1:



see #2:



see source data in Analyzer [eg. "Montana" and "MT" are not recognized in either viz]:


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  • One more note - I did validate that Account Executive is populated in every record in my data set, so I don't believe this to be an issue with null values

  • Hey Lauren, I can definitely address points 1 and 2 here, and I may have to do some digging on #3. In order for this map to fully populate, you likely need to include a higher level grouping above state. Try to add an additional layer to this insight which groups by country that maps to these states. You can even make this layer not visible in the layer options (see attachment). 

    The idea here is that you sometimes will need to tell Incorta (actually MapBox) which specific geo entity you are referring to in the case that there may be conflicts on a state or province name across the world. the country will help fully qualify that state value.

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    • Ethan Post Thanks Ethan!

  • For #3, you have the ability to edit labels by double clicking on them and typing whatever you want.  You can add additional data elements (and labels) by using the tool tip.

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    • Tristan Barrientos Thanks Tristan! 

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