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I am playing around with this new visualization and am wondering if I can use it in the following situation:

I have a table that has a state code and an office code. I would like to see the Sankey from state to office. I have tried the simple approach but it doesn't show a graph.

I use the state and office as source and target respectively with the count of the record keys as the measure.

Any guidance or hint is appreciated.

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  • Hi Marc, I think our documentation has an example of a Sankey insight: https://docs.incorta.com/5.0/references-visualizations-sankey

    • Emma Mohamed I have read through the example. I am looking to understand how to build data from my source that looks like the example. 

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    • Marc Paige How many offices do you have per state?

      Sankey chart will have limit to show offices per state. if there's  too many rows, then the lines are super thin and you may not be able to see it. Can you try filtering to reduce # of rows per office.

      This is how I tried using it:

    • and this is how it looks like after adding some more filters:

    • Anurag Malik To answer your question, there are only 19 offices.

      A record in this table has this pattern for the fields: key, stateCode, OfficeCode. I am not sure of how to get the data into the form shown in the example. 

    •  Anurag Malik I realized I needed an MV to put the data into the form the Sankey needs. After that, the Sankey visualization works. Is there a plan to (or does it make sense to) add a zoom function for this insight?

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  • The docs example contains an  CSV table. A many to many mapping exists in this data, meaning a source can be a target and a target can be a source. Morocco is both a Country_Target and a Country_Source.  Hope that helps!

    Country_Source, Country_Target, Resources
    Brazil, Portugal, 5
    Brazil, Spain, 1
    Canada, Portugal, 1
    Mexico, Portugal, 1
    Mexico, Spain, 5
    Portugal, Egypt, 2
    Portugal, Senegal, 1
    Portugal, Morocco, 1
    Spain, Senegal, 1
    Spain, Morocco, 3
    Egypt, China, 5
    Egypt, India, 1
    Egypt, Japan, 3
    Senegal, China, 5
    Senegal, Japan, 3
    Morocco, China, 5
    Morocco, India, 1
    Morocco, Japan, 3
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