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We had recently upgraded our Dev server from 3.1.8 to 4.3.6 successfully.  As part of Upgrade,  We used the MigrationSnapshot tool to migrate the data from snapshots. But For One of the reports we are seeing the following error

"IO Error while reading snapshot data"

I tried to explore details on this error in community and I do not find it anywhere. Can you throw some light on why we get this error and how can we mitigate in future.




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  • Hi Srinivas there are a couple reasons you might see that error after upgrade. First, it is very important to follow the upgrade article notes on Loader startup. For example:

    Starting the loader service for the first time after migration will take longer than usual to calculate and write the snapshot files for all the formulas and join columns. It is strongly recommended to avoid stopping, interrupting, or killing this process before the migration has been successfully completed, as this may result in unexpected issues.

    Secondly, it is important that the Analytics service is not started until the Loader service has fully started, migrated, and loaded the tenant. With v4.3.6, the last point is hard to verify without inspecting the tenant log file as documented in this article: https://community.incorta.com/t/q5s2tk/onheap-vs-offheap-memory

    Try running a full load to see if your error resolves.



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  • Hello Srinivas,

    If this is still an issue, please file a ticket with Incorta Support.


    Ahmed Esmat

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  • I would suggest doing a load from staging for all the tables involved in that dashboard.

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  • Thank You all for your quick response and providing me reasons for issue occurrence. We are working on it. Will update you shortly.




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  • Hi ,

    We did full load for some of the tables involved and we resolved the issue. Now we see the error is gone.



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