Deleting rows w/o full load

Is there a way to delete unwanted rows from a table without performing a full schema load? I have a large schema that is incrementally populated, and the source data is systematically deleted after it has been incrementally loaded into Incorta. So performing a full load on the schema is not an option. I've found ~750,000 rows (out of 171 million total) that need to be deleted. Is there a way to delete them from the table but retain all the rest of the data?

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  • There are two scenarios with Deleted records: 

    1. We have a way in the source system to identify deleted records.  This could be done using a tool, like GoldenGate, which goes over the database logs, and create a file with all updated/inserted/deleted records, with the appropriate flag for each one.  In this case we create a small table DELETED_ROWS(ROW_ID). 

    2. We don't have a way to identify deleted records.  In this case we create a skinny table CURRENT_ROWS(ROW_ID) which contains all the primary IDs of records in the main table.  This table needs to be refreshed frequently with a Full load.  But given we are extracting only one column (or as many columns as constitute the primary key), refreshing this table should not take much time.

    Next we build a join between our main table and either one of these tables on ROW_ID.  The new table (DELETED_ROWS or CURRENT_ROWS) will be the parent in this join obviously, and our transaction table will be the child.

    Next in our Transaction table we add a security filter to eliminate the deleted rows from any query on our transaction table.

    3. In the first case (where we have a DELETED_ROWS table), our filter would be :  DELETE_ROWS.ROW_ID is NULL

    4. In the second case (where we have a CURRENT_ROWS table), our filter would be : CURRENT_ROWS.ROW_ID  is not NULL

  • I understand what you are suggesting, but that seems like a workaround than a way of actually deleting data from the table. I can use this method (or similar) to suppress the rows I no longer want using a secondary table with a join, but I can't delete them out of the table directly.


  • We don't support deleting records selectively now, but you can schedule a full refresh of this table once a week for example, so it doesn't happen during your business hours.  With our 4.x release, there is no downtime while this data is refreshed, so the effect on business will be minimal.

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  • Hi Hichem Sellami Dan Nielsen Hichem Sellami Ahmad Badr - is there anyway to selectively delete data from tables/MVs  now? Thanks

  • See this thread towards the bottom for an additional method of handling deletes. https://community.incorta.com/t/x1rarf/how-does-incorta-handle-source-deletions-of-rows

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