Eager Load

Eager Load is an option that was introduced in release 4.1 to help access dashboards faster after restarting the analytics service(s). 

Administrators can enable this property for the analytics services to pre-load all the data into memory upon restarting the service(s). Enabling this option would help render dashboards faster after restarting the analytics service(s). Ensure that each analytics service has enough available memory for the data to be loaded. Note that changing this value requires restarting the analytics service(s).

To enable the Eager Load option:

  1. Navigate to the admin UI at:
  2. Enter the system tenant username and password. 
  3. Click on the "Tenants" tab. (To change the "Eager Load" option default for all the system tenants, click on the "Default Tenant Configs" tab and go to step 5.)
  4. Click on a tenant to enable the "Eager Load" option for.
  5. Click on the "Advanced" on the left-hand side.
  6. Enable the "Eager Load" option.
  7. Restart the analytics service(s) from the Central Management Console (CMC).
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  • Does Eager mode pre-load all of the data into the analytics service (aka. every column from the physical schema) or does it pre-load only the columns required by the dashboards?

  • hi Dan Brock  it  will load every column from the physical schema in to memory 

    If you want  to force the reload of the in- memory columns on the analytics node instead of evicting them after each incremental/full load, you can use the "ForceReloadColumns " option in Admin UI

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