Error Connecting to MongoDB

Hey team,

Anyone else faced this similiar error when connecting to MongoDb and if so, how did you resolve?

Communications link failure The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.

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  • joseph. delpercio are you sure you have all ports open between Incorta and MongoDB? 

  • Please open a ticket with our support team

    • Dan Brock done. :)

    • joseph. delpercio the connector in Incorta has a JDBC MYSQL connector, not an actual MongoDB connector. Why is that?

    • joseph. delpercio we depend on Mongodb BI Connector which uses the MySQL JDBC driver to connect to MongoDB. The Incorta connector doesn't directly connect to the Mongo service, instead it connects to the MongoDB BI Connector (which is a service that connects to the Mongo instance itself and handles the mapping from Mongo collections to SQL-like tables).

    • Ahmed Moawad Thank you so much for this answer. Does the Mongo BI addin from Mongo need to be enabled to make this work?

    • joseph. delpercio Yes, you have to enable it and connect Incorta to it with the designated port. You can even start the Mongo BI addin with a DRDL file  to do any customization in the metamodel (the table names, column names, ... etc) you might want.

    • Ahmed Moawad  Can we please get a call together to see if we can trouble this with our MongoDB team as well and get this resolved. We now get this error:

      INC_03070502: Failed to Connect to [Mongo_Paytable] due to [null, message from server: "Unable to connect to foreign data source: MongoDB"] with properties [[database, mongobi], [user, analytics], [connectionPool, 30], [connection, jdbc:mysql://sqe-tools1.scientificgames.com:3307/themedb2], [driver, com.mysql.jdbc.Driver]]

  • joseph. delpercio -- have you installed the MongoDB BI Connector within MongoDB first?  I think we should start there and if you're still having trouble, we can work with support using your existing support ticket to address.

    • Dan Brock yes we have. I worked with that team and it configured to the proper db and port.

    •  Dan Brock I really need someone who can help me on the first try. Normally support just records and then gets back to me. I really need some traction like you and Ahmed have given me. Do I need to install anything on the Incorta side?

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