Upgrade Incorta Analytics 4.x to 4.1

Incorta Analytics released version 4.1 in early December, 2018, including new features and bug fixes. For more details, see Incorta Analytics 4.1 release notes.

This article describes the steps required to upgrade Incorta Analytics from version 4.x to version 4.1. For information on how to upgrade from Incorta Release 4.x to Incorta Release 4.3, we will be releasing another doc and will link it here when ready.


Upgrading Incorta Analytics from 4.0 to 4.1 is similar to the usual upgrade process for the versions prior to 4.0. Simply run the installer (as described in the steps below) and select the "Upgrade" option, when asked to choose between "Install" and "Upgrade". 

Since Incorta Analytics 4.x separated the analytics from the loader services, the upgrade process must be executed on each node (i.e. server) where Incorta is installed. If you are upgrading a cluster, then it is highly recommended to upgrade the Center Management Console (CMC) for that cluster, then you must upgrade each node separately.

The following steps provide step-by-step instructions for the upgrade process:

Step 1: Export tenants from a 4.0 environment, using the TMT utility

It is recommended that you back up the tenant(s) from the 4.0 environment as a precaution. To back up a tenant:

  • Connect via SSH to your 4.0 environment.

  • Go to the "TMT" directory in the 4.0 environment, in the following path:

        cd <INSTALLATION_PATH>/cmc/tmt
  • Export the tenant definition, by running the following command:


Step 2: Stop all the analytics and loader services

Before proceeding, ensure that all the analytics and loader services are stopped within the cluster you are upgrading. To stop all cluster services from the CMC UI:

  • Admins may navigate to the following URL:

  • Click on the "Clusters" tab on the left-hand side.

  • Click on a cluster to upgrade.

  • Navigate to the "Details" tab, then click Stop.  Ensure that the "Analytics" and "Loader" services indicate "Stopped".

Step 3: Stop the Central Management Console (CMC) and nodeAgent

  • It is important that you stop the CMC prior to upgrading, by running the following commands:
       cd <INSTALLATION_PATH>/cmc

  • Now, stop the "node agent" for each node where Incorta Analytics is installed. The node agent is used by the CMC to communicate with all the nodes (i.e. servers) within a cluster. Before upgrading, stop the node agent by running the following commands:
       cd <INSTALLATION_PATH>/IncortaNode


Step 3: Kill Tomcat, Zookeeper, NodeAgent, Derby, and PhantomJS (Recommended)

It is recommended that you ensure that the following Incorta services are stopped:

  • Tomcat
  • Zookeeper
  • nodeAgent
  • phantomJS
  • Derby

 by running the following commands, respectively:

        ps -ef | grep  tomcat
        ps -ef | grep  nodeAgent
        ps -ef | grep  zookeeper
        ps -ef | grep phantomJS
        ps -ef | grep  derby

If any of the services are still not stopped, kill the process by running the following command:

        kill -9 <pid>

Step 3: Run the Incorta Analytics version 4.1 installer

In this step, you will be instructed to run the Incorta Analytics installer for version 4.1 and choose "Upgrade" during the installation.

  1. Locate and unzip the "incorta-package.zip" file, found in the unzipped "incorta-package" folder, to start the installation wizard.

  2. Start the installation process on each of the nodes where you want to upgrade the CMC or Incorta Analytics node.

  3. Incorta Analytics offers two installation modes:

    • GUI mode - Open the “incorta-installer.jar” file or type the following command, the installation wizard open:

    • Console mode (CLI) - Type the following command to start the installation wizard:

                java -jar incorta-installer.jar -i console
  4. Accept the product License Agreement, then click Next or hit Enter.

  5. Choose "Upgrade",  then click Next or hit Enter.

  6. If you are upgrading a "Typical" installation instance, the upgrader will automatically upgrade the CMC and the IncortaNode. In this case, no further actions are required.

  7. If you are upgrading a cluster, select "Custom" when prompted to choose an option in the "Installation Set" step.

  8. Select whether you want to upgrade the CMC or an Incorta node (i.e. HA node). 

  9. Provide the same installation path for 4.1 as the one used for 4.0.

  10. Follow the installation wizard.

  11. Repeat steps 3 through 10 for each node where Incorta Analytics is installed.

  12. Then select the option 1 to start the cmc and exit

  13. Go to the cmc url http://<server>:6060/cmc/

  14. Start the cluster

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