Access Incorta Data?

How can I access data in Incorta from another platform / toolset (ETL, reporting, etc)?

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  • Third party tools can connect to Incorta data using Incorta's SQL interface via a Postgres JDBC driver.  Incorta currently does not support 100% of PostGres SQL but covers a large portion of it and will continue to support more as the interface is enhanced with each release. 

    The details below outline how to connect at a high level:

    • Server: <name or IP of the Incorta server>
    • Port: <Incorta SQL interface port, default=5436>
    • Database: <name of Incorta tenant, e.g. demo>
    • Authenticate: "Username and Password"
    • Username: <user name you use to login to Incorta via web browser>
    • Password: <password you use to login to Incorta via web browser>

    There is also a KB article that goes into great detail on how to connect Tableau to Incorta : https://incorta.forumbee.com/t/80jlx0/connecting-tableau-desktop-to-incorta

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  • We are seeing an issue on access when there is a datetime data type. The 1st query works but the second query of same condition fails unless we add a filter to change the condition. Is there a Cache being used and how to fix this issue?
    PSQLException: Unsupported binary encoding of timestamp.

  • Dave, can you share a code snippet to help evaluate your question? Can you also share the release of Incorta you are using? Is the 2nd query issued as a seperate transaction or is it part of the same SQL transaction?

  • Hi Mathew, 

    Following query works on 1st execution. 2nd query errors with following response. Adding a condition that varies each query works. Seems to be some caching issue?

    Failed to get data: Unsupported binary encoding of date.

       O1."Id" AS "ID",
       O1."CloseDate" AS "CLOSEDATE"
       "<TENNENT_NAME>"."<TABLE_NAME>"."OpportunityHistory" O1

  • Hi Dave,

    What client are you using to run this query?

    Also, can you please share details about your use case?

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