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I was able to load data based on changed date I.e if any change occurred between yesterday and today by using below statement in Update query  

where UpdateDate>?

UpdateDate - datatype is DateTime

this method is working only for daily loads and not Intra day loads (intra day loads factors in time as well).

? ->considers only dates and not time ?? if so then how should we address this issue

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  • See if the data type of update date can be made a timestamp . Alternatively you can reprocess the rows by putting 1 day offset , e.g. the filter as > ? - 1  

    • Amit Kothari 
      Hi Amit,

      DataType for UpdateDate in Incorta is timestamp.  if I include >?-1 its throwing an error
      INC_005004001:Failed retrieving sample data from [sample data] at [TestData] due to [com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Operand type clash: datetime2 is incompatible with int] with properties 


      Does Incorta allow intraday loading? if so then how?

    • Prudhvi Raj Yes it does , please log a support ticket as ? should work .

    • Amit Kothari Amit Kothari  OK. will log support ticket

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