Data source local file upload size limit?

I get this error ( and it's sibling error in Edge ) when trying to upload a large CSV file so I assume there is a limit.   I looked through the docs for connectors - file system and didn't see any reference to a file size limit.   

I did find something on Community, and it referenced an XML config to change but since I'm using the current Cloud offering I don't have access.   ( a quick look through the CMC didn't turn up any options there either ).


Obviously I can work around this by uploading said file to S3 ( tested - works ) or GDrive ( not yet tested ) and loading from there, but


1) Is there a defined file size limit I can relay to my users ( i.e. if it's over a gig let's fine a cloud repository for it ) 




2) If we wanted to do something like the workaround found here: https://community.incorta.com/t/x1jd2c/whats-the-best-way-to-upload-a-large-flat-file-to-incorta ( basically working on the server directly ) is that something support would take on or is that just a "no go" zone with the Cloud offering?



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  • We do have a technical constraint defined in tomcat setting to limit the size of file can be uploaded.  When the limit is reached, we may get the message like


    But your error message "413 request entity too large" seems coming from the web server layer before reaching tomcat.

    Either ways, uploading such a large file over browser is not recommended.  Using external connectors such as S3 or GDrive sounds reasonable for me.

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