DBVisualizer connection to Incorta ( creds question )

I'm trying to connect to our Incorta Cloud environment with DBVisualizer. I grabbed the server information from "Connect External BI Tools" and can ping successfully ( <server>.incorta.com as server, portnumber as database port ).


I tried using my Incorta ID ( email ) and pw but no go:  


Product: DbVisualizer Free 12.1.5 [Build #3241]
OS: Windows 10
OS Version: 10.0
OS Arch: amd64
Java Version: 11.0.11
Java VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
Java Vendor: AdoptOpenJDK
Java Home: c:\program files\dbvisualizer\jre
DbVis Home: C:\Program Files\DbVisualizer
User Home: C:\Users\RDaws
PrefsDir: C:\Users\RDaws\.dbvis
SessionId: 571
BindDir: null

An error occurred while establishing the connection:

Long Message:
The connection attempt failed.

   Type: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException
   SQL State: 08001


Is there a specific UID / PW I need to know to connect or permissions I need to grant to my UID?   

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  • Can you first login to incorta using the id and password you got in a mail ? If that works than use the same login in dbviz.

    • Amit Kothari 


      Thanks for the response!

      I'm not sure I follow though - I can log into Incorta w/ my userID and PW, but that doesn't work for DbVisualizer.  I can't log into Incorta's UI ( content, schema, etc. ) with the CMC credentials - nor do they work to connect via DbVisualizer.   


      Is there a "master" setup account I need to use?   I wasn't involved in the original setup or the migration to Incorta Cloud so I wasn't around for the initial config.

    • R. A. Dawson Sr please log a ticket and support will help you.

    • Amit Kothari   I did - we were in a race with support  ;-)  

      For the record I was missing:


      the uid ( admin )

      pw I got from someone involved in setup ( not typing here! )

      default DB name ( postgres did not work, the db name I found in our data connections did ).  

    • R. A. Dawson Sr yes, db name is the tenant name 

    • R. A. Dawson Sr

      This picture may help:

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    • joseph. delpercio 


      That's where I landed, except it won't work w/ an email address for the UID - it needed the user "admin"

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    • R. A. Dawson Sr gotcha! That happen to us and then when we leveraged LDAP/SSO in our environment, we didn't have to do that. Glad you are good to go!

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