Rounding inconsistently

[edit to add that the other rows with serial numerals != 5 are rounding as expected]


I have a source file with text values ( "text" column in the picture ) - I use a formula column to return a double ( "Decimal - No format" in the picture )


formula column: 


double(    substring(        __Rounding_Issue.Turnover.ColumnName,         0,         (length(            __Rounding_Issue.Turnover.ColumnName        ) - 1)    )

) / 100



What I want to do is display this as percent rounded but what I'm finding is that a 147.50 displays as 148%   but 174.50 displays as 174%  ( "Decimal - percent rounded" in picture ).


I know there are some specialized situations when analyzing a large body of numbers requires alternating the rounding rulesfor the serial "5" but that's definitely not what I'm expecting in my dashboard.


I'll appreciate any insight. 

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  • Hi Randy, please open a support ticket for this scenario as I believe there is an engineering initiative related to this and you'll want to get the latest details. At root I suspect this is related to the use of a Double data type which is a floating point precision type; hence, when persisting this column during data load, it could be 174.500000000001 or 174.49999999999 as an example.

  • Thanks Dustin - I have a ticket open and had requested it to be elevated ( it has ).   


    I provided a text file source, schema and dashboard exports as well so it should be replicable.

  • Adding - this isn't the same, but similar, and exposing very small numbers in the UI would be a good thing.


    Anyone reading - how about an upvote  ;-) 



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