Address Verification/Enrichment

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Is there any way to enrich/verify addresses in incorta ?

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  • There is no OOTB feature for address validation or enrichment based on address, but I saw people use MV to do this type of job.
    After the table with the address information is extracted from the source, the data can be available as a source for a MV. 

    • The MV read the data into the a Spark dataframe
    • Data from the Spark data frame can be read into a Python List
    • A REST API can be called for each row that need to be enriched
    • A new data frame can be created as a collection of rows with enriched data


    Sample code of reading the data from a data frame into a list:

    row_list = df_src.select('COL1','COL2').rdd.map(tuple).collect()

    There are multiple ways to covert the enriched data back and to be a data frame.  For example, make the data as a list of tuple and call Spark data frame API.

    result_df = spark.createDataFrame(list_of_tuple, result_schema)

    Once the Spark data frame with the enriched data is save as a Incorta MV, it can be used in Incorta model and thus in reporting.

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