INC_002001105:You are not authorized to VIEW the SCHEMADEFINITION of ID [215]


I created a data source and schema, and gave edit permissions to someone. This person added an MDX query to the schema and created a dashboard on the schema, and gave me edit permissions to the dashboard. I copied the dashboard, and when I try to edit it, I get the following error:

INC_002001105:You are not authorized to VIEW the SCHEMADEFINITION of ID [215].

Have we missed a permission somewhere? The data source is Essbase.

Thank you, Kevin

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  • Please check your permission on the Schema as well, It should be shared with your user login

    • Rasha Mahran Hello Rasha, I am unsure if I understand. I own the schema, and I cannot share it with myself, because my name will not resolve in the search box. Thank you, Kevin

  • Hello Kevin ,

    This is a known issue and being investigated by our Product Management and Dev team.

    Please let us know if you need to progress this issue in a support ticket.

    • Ayat Aboelnaga Hello Ayat,

      I would like to raise a support ticket. I am not an admin on our installation, and my login does not work for the support login, so I suspect I am not qualified to raise a support ticket. Please advise.

      Thank you, Kevin

    • Kevin Jacklin We resolved our problem. A business schema was built between the schema and the dashboard, and edit permissions were not given on the business schema. I was informed the dashboard was built directly on the schema. Our mistake. Thank you.

    • Kevin Jacklin Ayat Aboelnaga Rasha Mahran
      As Kevin noted, there were permissions missing on the underlying business schema.  Having said that, when signed in as the Admin, I could see the data source, data schema and business schema even thought they were not explicitly assigned to the Admin user; however, I was not able to see the dashboards that were created.  Why are some objects (data source, schemas) visible to Admin but others (dashboards) not?

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