Running the schemas schedule migration tool

The schemas schedule migration tool is a utility used to migrate schema refresh setting parameters, if migrated from a pre-2.9.2 release to a post-2.9.2 release. System administrators MUST run the migration tool (i.e. "migrateScheduledJobs.sh") after upgrading in order for schemas with existing auto-refresh jobs to continue working. This tool is shipped with the Incorta Analytics package, in the "<INSTALLATION_PATH>/bin" directory. If the migration tool is not run, schemas will stop refreshing automatically.

To successfully migrate schema schedules successfully:

  1. Go to the "<INSTALLATION_PATH>/bin" directory.
  2. Edit the file "migrateScheduledJobs.sh".
  3. If commented, uncomment the following line:
    #session=`$incorta_cmd login <INCORTA_URL> <TENANAT_NAME> <SUPER_USER>
  4. Update the login values "URL, tenant name, username, password, etc."
    session=`$incorta_cmd login http://localhost:8080/incorta demo admin
    admin123 false`
  5. Save the "migrateScheduledJobs.sh" file.
  6. Run the "migrateScheduledJobs.sh":
  7. The following output will result upon successful migration:
    Migration completed.
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