Conditional Sum


I would like to know if there is a way to do conditional sum  in incorta.  Example I want to sum all the transaction amounts (history) for the policy as of today or any day. This can be achieved visually using aggregated table but I want to use it in Formula rather than doing using Aggregated table.


thank you for the help


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  • i have accomplished this by using a conditional statement such as the  if or case in a new formula field.  Once you've set that condition in the new formula you can use an aggregate either in the formula or the aggregate table type.

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  • you mean  like

    sum( if (tnxdate<= policydate,sum, null)) ?

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    • Prudhvi Raj 


      this would be the syntax.  Keep in mind you have to use this formula in an insight that performs some sort of aggregation (bar chart, agg table, metric).  

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    • Prudhvi Raj Absolutely put the formula in a business schema view.  This is a best practice.  However, my point remains.  The formula, whether defined in a business schema view or in an insight, has to be used in an insight that aggregates.

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  • I will try that but why should this formula be in insight and not in Business schema or schema level

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