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When working in the Incorta UI (Chrome browser) and another tab is opened to the same environment (ex: Dev), users are logged out of both tabs. This behavior occurs when using MS Edge as well. Users would like to work in same environment (ex: Prod) as same user in multiple tabs of same browser. Is this possible?

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  • Hi Barry Mayfield I don't believe this is an officially supported feature but many folks use multiple tabs. This works as long as you are using the same account on the same Incorta instance. I'll often have a dashboards tab and a schema tab open and I've done this in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (our current supported browsers). Because each tab is linked to the same auth cookie, a logout on one tab will logout all sessions. To have two stand-along sessions in the same instance (even with different user accounts) you would need to either use two different browsers or use one normal tab and one incognito/private tab of the same browser.

  • Thanks Dustin. Hmm. We can't use multiple tabs in same browser with same user in same environment. As soon as tab 2 is opened when we go to tab 1 and click on something it logs us out, which then logs us out of tab 2 immediately. Maybe we have some sort of browser setting set locally that is preventing us from using multiple tabs. I'll check on that.

    Knowing that others can do this helps. Thanks again.

  • Barry Mayfield , are using the right click on the tab to duplicate it ? If you are trying to use the login screen on the second tab, that is why  you getting logged out.  

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  • I am opening a new tab, and I believe the users I have been working with are as well. I will test out the right-click.


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