Odd SQL error message

On a simple table insight with no dimensions, only measures, when pressing the SQL button, the following message is shown:


Unsupported feature: Aggregated and non aggregated select items w/o GROUP BY

Has anyone else encountered this or have any idea why?

Update: The cause seems to be in the inclusion of a formula column from a business schema that uses the SUM function. If I remove this column from the table measures, the SQL generates without any error.

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  • Hi Marc Paige -- can you export your dashboard definition and supply it here?  Or provide the formula definition and insight setup so we can attempt to recreate?

    • Dan Brock, I reduced the problem to a small set that recreates the issue.

    • Marc Paige Good news.  If you can share it with us, that'd be great.  Open a ticket with support and we can troubleshoot and/or identify root cause based on your recreation steps.

    •  Dan Brock  I have submitted a support ticket with the zip file and description.

  • If you remove the sum() does it work ? 

    I think this is a edge case where you have a table which is non aggregated with a aggregated measure .

    • Amit Kothari Yes, however, that is not the point. The error is unexpected and cryptic.

    • Marc Paige Yes, we should give a better error message .

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