Map Chart based on Latitude/Longitude

What format is Incorta expecting the latitude/longitude values to properly render this type of map? I can't seem to get it working. I've tried using two different dimensions (one for Latitude, one for Longitude) but that doesn't seem to work. I've tried a concatenated Latitude, Longitude dimension with values like this:





This isn't working, either. Does Incorta expect Lat/Long values in some other format? 

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  • Hi Dan, the format looks perfect.  When you add the Geocode to the grouping dimension, are you selecting the "type" as Latitude,Longitude?  I've tried putting a screenshot below with some sample data.  

  • Yep, I had that selected and all I get is a blank map area (see screenshot). No error, no image at all -- just a blank insight.

  • Hmmm, is it possible that the Google Maps key isn't configured for your tenant on that server?

    Could be that or could be a communication issue with blocked firewall as the comma separated format should work.  If you do a Right-Click->Inspect on the page, is there an error that looks something like the attached (I mangled my API key to try and trigger similar behavior) in the console?

  • Yep - that's the problem. I wasn't aware that we had to configure a Google Maps key on the tenant. I do see a similar error when I inspect the page, and interestingly this time I got the following error message to display instead of just a blank insight.

  • Got it, not sure why that error was being shy. I'm not sure if you have permissions to the tenant admin pages but Dan Brock just pointed out to me that we have a how-to on the community site for the API configuration.


    • I don't have admin rights but I will certainly pass that link on to our server admin team. Thanks!

  • Hi Patrick,

    I have a file with around 26K records and when I try to plot it on google maps, it throws an "The result is too large, please apply more filter(s)" error. I tried with 2k records and it works perfectly fine. Do we have any limitations on number of points that we can plot? Or is there any configuration change that we need to do in Incorta for larger dataset with respect to maps?

    I tried both with Street Address and Geocode columns. Attached screenshot for reference

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