Using Incorta SDK to connect to Web Services

Hi, I am trying to connect to webservices using Python inside Schema's "Materialized View"
But I am running into a problem. It shows the following error:
"INC_005002001: Failed to Connect to [spark] due to [null] with properties Spark://DESKTOP-name:7077"

I found that there is no "./startSpark" or any Spark folder inside my "IncortaNode" Folder in case that's the problem. Please help me to solve this. Thanks!

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  • Hi peddinti satya sashikanth can you please confirm what version of Incorta you are running and what OS? If your OS is Linux, It's possible your Incorta installation was customized as the spark folder and ./startSpark.sh should be in the IncortaAnalytics/IncortaNode folder by default. You can check if Spark is running on your server by running the follow command in the terminal: ps -ef | grep spark. You should see two Spark processes listed if it is local and running. If Spark is on another server and is using default ports, you can verify the Web UI at http://<your spark server>:9091.

  • Hello Dustin Basil I am using Incorta 4.3 and OS is Windows 10. I have PySpark installed in case there is a way to solve this issue? I find no Spark File or folder inside "IncortaNode" folder.

    • peddinti satya sashikanth Spark is not trivial to get running on Windows OS. It is certainly possible but would not be recommended for a production environment. Do you have the option to spin up a virtual Linux environment?

    • Dustin Basil Okay. I have to check with my boss regarding it. Will get back If I need any assistance. Thanks! :)

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