How can I link to another application via URL?

I want to be able to click on a Salesforce.com opportunity or account identifier in Incorta and have it launch SFDC in another tab with that particular opportunity or account. I see the "URL" field in the standard detail table but not sure how to dynamically set the value in the URL.

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  • This will vary based on the target application but in the URL you can reference a data field using {} syntax.   See the example below for how we report on Forumbee posts and link to the actual post based on a URL field forumbee provides.  

  • Hi,

    is there a way we can access the local filesystem files by providing the obsolete path . We tried different options

    file://absolete_path - does not do anything

    //absolete_path - opens the browser but appends http:// to the path


    • Dhanraj Palani Hi Dhanraj, are you trying to setup a schema table to load from a file using this file:// nomenclature?  Or are you trying to link to a file using this file:// nomenclature as a link on an Incorta dashboard?


      If it is the former, look into the "DataLake - Local File" connector.

  • Hi Dan,

    Its the latter, we just need to open the directory based on the link clicked by the user.


    we tried the file:// option, but incorta does not seem to be doing anything.

    • Dhanraj Palani 

      Incorta supports "http://.". for the URL not "file://" option.

      Please log a Zendesk ticket with support so that we can track this.

  • Dhanraj Palani -- does the file:// option work if you just put it in the address bar of the browser directly?

  • There is a Zendesk ticket opened for this already.  

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