issue with aggregated tables when the data is shown at a granular level

I have >1milion rows where I would like to display the data which has data for new, closed, reopen but in here it shows the data for all the Csnos, it should show only the values which have data >0,

if I am using the filters which are filter individual or aggregate values the data is displaying wrongly 

we can see it in the image where the left chart is with filters and the right one has no filter.
can we have the option to eliminate the rows which have zero or null data 

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  • What Incorta release is that?

  • If this is a aggregate report I think an aggregate filter will work here , just put count(Csnos) > 0

    • Amit Kothari  I hav eprovided a sample data but every time it's hard to filter for each nd every measure, 

      Here we are using a business schema where measures were calculated with in th schema.. 

      Like the other tools If we have an option to hide or don't show the zero or nulls 

    • Amit Kothari all the time  we cant provide the aggregate filter for each measure if we have more then one measure aggregate filters are not working as expected 
      for example I have a new issue and reopen which I need to show in a single chart as you said if I use aggregate measure it is working as an and condition, please look into the picture same data with aggregate filter on the left and right side with our aggregate filter 

  • Venkat, Can you confirm if value for CSNO will be repeating in raw data? In sample data that you shared, value for CSNO is not repeating.  By repeating I mean you will have duplicate values for value for CSNO.

    • Anurag Malik  yes the values of CSNO will be repeating in data along with a date, a combination of date and CSNO is unique but we want to show only one row for one CSNO irrespective os measure.

      I have shared the excel which has the raw data 
      as  Amit Kothari said if I am using aggregation filter it is filtering for only one variable/measure, I need to show 2 or more measures of data filters are working as an AND condition,   because of this totals between the right and left are not matching.

      Example: see the attached image 

      I would like to hide all zeros data if the total row has zeros which I have highlighted in the second image, I would like to see the rows if there are any values against it greater then zero.

    • venkatRao can you log a support ticket?

  • Hi Venkat,

    In your sample data that you shared you have only one record for each CSNO by date. If that is the case, you can apply following filter using "Filter Individual Values" in aggregated table:

  • Once you have this filter defined, If you filter dashboard by CSNO 59, this is what you will see (using your example above):

    • Anurag Malik thank you it will solve the problem, can we have a button where to suspend the rows if the total has zero in future release 

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